Editors note: we’ve received several requests from potential clients recently asking us what a sample invoice would look like. So we thought we’d offer up a post with a free download of a simple invoice template.


Invoicing Clients 101


Invoicing clients requires attention to detail, so you don’t screw up collecting money that is owed to you. It can also be a boring, monotonous, and confusing process. In order to streamline any questions or confusion you might have, we’ve created a simple invoice template that can serve as an example of what your invoices should look like or include. Below is a screenshot of the invoice, and a brief explanation of how to fill everything in, followed by a link to download this for yourself. After you download it, create copies and use it as many times as you want. If we’ve jumped ahead, please check out last week’s blog post about exactly what an invoice is.

Directions for our Simple Invoice Template


simple invoice template

Easy as 1, 2, 3


  1. Anywhere you see text, you can edit. Those areas include your Company Name, the invoice number, date, your address in the upper right hand corner, a space for comments, and item name and description.
  2. You can also edit the total quantity, unit price and total due for each line item. Note however since this simple invoice template is in Word, you will need to manually calculate each of these. Again, this is just an example and not the ideal invoice to use.
  3. Print to PDF and send electronically, or print and send via mail.
  4. Always be sure to number your invoices consecutively.


Final Thoughts


Should the need arise for any questions on your invoicing needs, let us know. We’re happy to help. It’s also best to keep track of everything in an online accounting platform such as Quickbooks.

For your free invoice template, download it below by clicking the Simple Invoice Template link below.