Cannabis Funding for Dispensaries & Grow Operations

Cannabis Funding for Dispensaries

& Grow Operations

How it works

An easy, transparent process to get a business loan in 48 hours or less.

Request an intro with basic info about you and your business.

We’ll call you to confirm and to obtain a 1 page application.

The application is accepted by our entire network of cannabis lenders.

The funder will request 4 months of bank or credit card statements.

If approved, minimal documentation is required and funding occurs same day.

Grow your business, grow your cannabis, and be happy.

Need funding for your cannabis business?

Don’t know where to turn?

We’ll source you a deal from a network of private cannabis funders.

Minimal paperwork. No sales pitches. No fees.

No B.S.

Just a smooth transaction.

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Monthly Receivables / Sales

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