keeping clients happyKeeping clients happy 24/7 is a heavy weight to carry on your shoulders. The stress of daily life and other outside factors are things that you as a business owner will never be able to control. What you can control are your efforts to keep them satisfied, especially when things go wrong. Your clients will recognize when you go out of your way to meet their needs in an unfavorable situation. Here are some tips to for keeping clients satisfied.

1. Understand Client Needs

Be fully aware of their wants and needs as a client before you start a project or provide a service/product for them. You might spend weeks perfecting a financial plan or an ad pitch, but if you don’t understand their goals or their company values, you’re running the risk of missing the mark — big time! You also just wasted your own valuable time. Nowyou’re back to square one, with a client quickly losing their patience.

2. Admit Faults Right Away

Call out your mistakes when the problem is on your end. Openly taking responsibility will let your client know you’re a trustworthy person and not into games and gimmicks. Address your mistake and keep moving forward. Admitting faults naturally comes with a heightened sense of awareness, which can be achieved with mindfulness practice.

3. Thoughtfulness vs. Generosity

Constantly showering clients with gifts, promotional items, etc. can often be perceived as sucking up, especially when you’re in the wrong. Being purposeful with your gifting for business milestones, career milestones, awards, birthdays and various accomplishments will be the most genuine and appreciated gestures. Adding small perks when you do slip up never hurts, though. Just do it wisely.

4. Consistency Is Key!

Match these efforts when things are going right, too. Holding yourself to an advanced level of customer service at all times will not only create a positive name for yourself, but will strengthen the relationship between you and your client. When your client is happy, everyone is happy.