best smartphone appsSmall business owners are turning to mobile apps to grow their business while on the go. With thousands of Android and iOS apps on the market, we’ve identified the best smartphone apps for improving workflow and increasing communication.

  1. Google Drive – Free (Android & iOS)

Every small business owner will find that it is imperative to keep documents organized. Google Drive has been a great solution for small businesses for quite some time due to its multi-platform accessibility and ease of use. All documents and files can be edited, stored, backed up, exported and accessed from any device with internet connectivity. In Google Docs, users can write, create presentations or fill spreadsheets. All revisions in documents are saved for future review or for any quick undos. At no cost, this app will bring a more seamless experience to document access, organization, and collaboration.

  1. Quickbooks Online – Free, plus subscription (Android & iOS)

Regarded as the best accounting software for small business owners, especially those without accounting experience, Quickbooks Online is practical to use. With advantageous tools to monitor and manage finances, this app is perfect for the need to send out invoices, or review finances. If any troubleshooting is required, there is free live support available via chat or phone. Using a well-utilized tool is another benefit, especially for bringing on accountants and bookkeepers. Other features include the creation of budgets and financial statements; inventory tracking; and payroll.

  1. Slack – Free (Android & iOS)

For keeping on top of communication with the team, Slack has become the go-to for many small businesses. Collaboration with colleagues has never been an easier task, with enhanced messaging and app integrations all in one place. Slack’s tools range from sharing to-do lists and collaborating on documents, to getting projects off the ground quickly and efficiently. Users rave about how much easier, yet more productive, their work processes have become. With availability on all devices, employees can get in touch with team members quickly, from anywhere. Integration options are available with platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce and Zendesk. This is one of the best smartphone apps in our opinion.

  1. Trello – Free (Android & iOS)

For those looking for a greater focus on productivity, Trello is the perfect app to organize tasks from a high-level perspective. Focusing on building business rather than spending time with status update meetings is what makes Trello so beneficial. Via the use of boards, workflows can be organized independently or with team member collaboration. To-do’s and tasks can be added, assigned and commented on. Boards sync automatically, and working offline is easy. Integration with external apps make it a perfect central location for task management and project visibility. With the added ability to upload photos and videos, users can also attach files from Dropbox and Google Drive.

  1. Hootsuite – Free (Android & iOS)

Syncing all social media accounts to Hootsuite and managing them via the dashboard makes it simple to manage social media. For up to 3 social network accounts, businesses are able to benefit from its usage without any added cost. All features of publishing, uploading photos, and auto-scheduling posts are available with this free version. Another great feature is the link shortener, a quick way to track click-through report analytics. For both posting and monitoring, Hootsuite is the top all-in-one social media solution for smart phone apps.